RVs are Fast Track to Travel For African Americans

(BLACK PRWIRE) (September 26, 2008) Taking that long road trip to the family reunion or hiding away at a campsite is not what it used to be since the advent of the recreational vehicle, also called the RV or motor home. Instead of sitting for hours in cramped space with only the highway to look at, RVs allow you to move around in comfort and style. While not a full hotel on wheels, these vehicles come close. All RVs include sleeping accommodations, while motor homes specifically include all amenities within the vehicle.

The most basic RV typically features bedding, eating and restroom facilities, but many owners opt for everything and the kitchen sink, to borrow from the phrase. A “Class A” motor home may feature a couch, washer and dryer, full kitchen and bar, dining table, computer and entertainment center, shade system, closet, power windows, storage cabinets, security system and multiple single seats.

The www.rvamerica.com site states that Class A prices run from $50,000 to $900,000, with some vehicles as long as 40 feet. Some models will accommodate up to 10 people for sleeping. Potential buyers seeking a more economical entrance into the RV world can explore other options, such as trailers, conversion vehicles and truck campers. All of these vehicles generally cost less than a motor home of any class. RVs also reduce travel expenses since users don’t need to pay for hotel facilities and can prepare meals onsite.

African American travelers are part of the RV travel movement, and the National African-American Rv’ers Association (NAARVA) is working to keep it so. With over 50 chapters throughout the country, NAARVA holds national camping meetings, awards scholarships and makes contributions to nonprofit organizations. If RV ownership interests you, log on to

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