Advise for Single Woman Considering Full Time RVing


You go for it! Find an RV group in your area somewhere or get in touch with someone with a motor home and have them give you a few driving lessons. I hit the road at age 62 with a 1 ton dually diesel truck and a 32 ft 5th wheel and I hadn’t towed a darn thing since I left the farm way back in my youth! But I spent hours with a friend in a vacant parking lot driving backward!!!!

I travel with 3 parrots, a dog and a cat and schedule my trips around my medical appointments — need a walker or elec scooter, oxygen and lost the sight in my right eye due to infection — and I’m still on the road. I just don’t travel as much as some. Find a place I like and stay put for a couple of months. If you go to RV parks, there is always someone there that will help you hook up and get set up.

Personally, I think the success in traveling alone comes with planning ahead where you want to stay and informing the management of your specific needs.

I have a friend that does my mail but there are numerous mail forwarding companies. If you haven’t joined an RV group, it might be worth your while — they often offer services you need.

I do my banking on line — have everything set up as auto-pay or pay on line.

When I need service on my 5th wheel, I just hit the nearest motel6 or other pet-friendly place. I notify the service department what I need and have them set up a time when they can get me in and out in a minimum of days.


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