Advise for Single Woman Considering Full Time RVing

This article started as a discussion on the discussion group. The question is a common one and the answers are informative, encouraging and inspiring.

Before my husband died, we bought a 36 foot motorhome with the intention of being full-time RVers.

We had RVs for many years and I love being on the road and looked forward to a footloose retirement. So I’m considering going ahead on my own.

I have no family, and our friends aren’t RVers so I have no one to ask for help. This frightens me, but not as much as the idea of sitting on my behind in some little apartment for the rest of my life.

I’m not stupid and I think I can learn to do just about anything that doesn’t require too much strength but I have a few concerns:

1. I’ve only driven it on the freeway a few times with my husband at my side.

2. I don’t know how to hook up our car to it. Would a 60 yo woman in so-so condition be strong enough to do it alone?

3. I’ve never done the hook-ups or emptied the tanks.

4 How do you handle the business of mail on the road and banking?

5. How do I handle leaving the RV for repairs/maintenance when it’s my only home and I share it with 3 animals? I’m afraid not many motels would take us all.

6. What should I be worried about that hasn’t even occurred to me?

I really could use any thoughts you might have on the pros and cons of a single not-so-young woman taking to the road full-time.

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