Portable Ice Maker Review

Fran and I have had our ice maker for about two years now. It’s a different brand than the one in the Amazon ad, but it must be made in the same factory because it looks just like it.

Our ice maker is on 24/7 and and automatically makes ice until the box is full. Always enough ice for the two of us… I use a LOT of ice.

Yes the ice stays in the ‘box’, when we need ice we just lift the lid and scoop out what we need. When the box gets low, the maker automatically makes more ice.

The ice does melt over time if not used but the maker just makes more. The water is recycled. Generally we fill the reservoir once a day… first thing in the morning.

Finding space for it in an RV can be a problem… it’s really too big to sit on most RV countertops. We removed part of one cushion on our dinette to sit in on the bench.

It can be a little noisy if you have to sit next to it… we don’t… and if you’re a light sleeper you’ll hear the thumping of the ice cubes. I generally couldn’t hear bombs going off while sleeping, so it isn’t a problem for me. If you don’t need ice first thing in the morning you can turn iy off at night. It only takes 5 minutes to get the first dozen cubes. In a half hour you’ll have good batch.

A few months ago I had to make a small repair to fix the ice ejector… pretty easy fix after I though about for a day or so but could be a problem if you’re not handy.

Overall I’m very happy with it as I used to buy a 7# bag of ice every other day. At a an average price… when I was buying ice… of $1.25 a bag it didn’t take too long to pay for itself. But the convenience is worth twice what we paid. I still go by ice boxes at stores and think of my faithful ice maker at home keeping well supplied.

Folks on the Rvbasics.com email group have said that have similar ice makers at Target, Sams Club and Cosco stores for somewhat cheaper prices… around $110… I found mine online for about what Amazon charges.

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