How to Buy a Used RV

How to Buy a Used RV

Negotiate the RV Purchase

Lastly, Sims says the art of negotiation goes a long way in netting a pre-owned RV buyer a recreation vehicle deal. Whatever your reason for bargaining (whether you believe the seller’s asking price is over-inflated or whether you like knowing you’re getting the best deal possible), Sims suggests the following tips to help buyers “negotiate” the used RV buying waters.

– Do your homework ahead of time. Once you’ve researched the vehicle’s retail value at, be sure to research what other similar vehicles with similar features are selling for in the marketplace.

– Set a realistic low offer as well as a high offer. Keep in mind your budget and price limitations when you enter the negotiation process and be firm about those limitations. Most sellers understand that negotiation is a large part of the pre-owned RV buying process and expect the buyer to adopt bargaining tactics before signing on the dotted line.

– Start by making your low offer first and expect the seller to counteroffer. Be prepared to work from your starting point, and to stop at your high offer to reach a selling price that’s acceptable for both parties involved.

– Be patient during the negotiation process. Remember, be firm about your limitations and don’t forget to be as realistic as possible about your budget. Only you know how much you can afford to spend for a used RV.

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