Full-Time RVing: Living With One Another

Full Time RVing – More Togetherness Than You Could Ever Imagine

We have an advantage over many others, in that we worked together managing our own company prior to becoming full-timers. Shopping, cleaning, working and many other things have always been something we enjoy doing together, so for us it was an easy transition to being together in the full-time rving lifestyle 24/7. Many couples that need the distance away from one another are able to find different activities at the RV parks and other places that will allow for this to happen. But you really need to be prepared to spend many hours together without other contact, especially when you are traveling and that is something we do often. We personally know several couples that separated within a year of full-time RVing but in all honesty they probably would have ended their marriage eventually anyway but this lifestyle always seems to quicken the inevitable.

Where Will You Go When Tempers Flair?

Even the biggest and most luxurious coaches have only about 400 square feet of living space. This makes it truly challenging when it comes to resolving a disagreement and even harder if you are actually traveling. It takes a special partnership to be able to withstand the constant challenges that arrive with living with one another in such a small space so it is always good to begin with a good solid foundation and a great friendship. This has been a magnificent experience for us and almost every moment we learn something new, the most recent thing we’ve learned is when to breath instead of talking.

Know Your Stress Points Before They Happen

Depending on your own circumstances, this lifestyle can be a bit stressful, whatever you argue about now will come along for the ride. One of our major stresses have always been our finances, one of the ways to alleviate our financial burdens has been to first and foremost, not carrying any notes with us. What we now have is completely paid for and we always try to keep our few bills that we have a few months paid in advance. Since one of the highest reasons for divorce are a couples finances we wanted to alleviate some of that pressure. We joke that we can be eating lobster in Maine one day and the very next, peanut butter sandwiches in a Wal-Mart parking lot but knowing that the next road always leads to our dreams makes it easier to handle the more stressful ones.

It Works So Well For Us

This has been the best experience for us and we would not exchange it for anything even if we could. Our marriage has become stronger because of this lifestyle, it has taught us how to be more loving, gentle, kinder human beings. We’ve learned to be more bendable to things that happen in life, to lighten up and have some fun. To allow life to unfold, follow our hearts more often and most importantly to go with life’s flow.

Our Advice To You

If you love traveling, have always wanted to feel the freedom, and have a good friendship with your partner then why not give the full time RVing lifestyle a chance, if it’s not for you then at least you tried and you can always return to the stationary life whenever you choose.

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