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RV Education 101 Bundled Sets Instructional DVDs

Class C Motor Home

Get a boxed set of their individual DVD titles for hours of one on one instruction. Not only does this eliminate the guess work as to which DVDs go together, but you SAVE significant money with the box set discount. Sets cover all the info you need to know about your new RV. There are DVD sets for Class A, Class C & Trailers/5th Wheels.
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Drive your Motorhome Like a Pro

Motorhome Class A

Learn how... and why...to drive a motorhome the right, safe way. In this 67-minute DVD, RVer/tour bus driver Lorrin Walsh. and host Mark Polk show you everything you need to know to confidently drive a motorhome. This should be essential viewing for novice motorhome drivers, but even experienced RVers will learn things they don't know.
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What's Your RV Lifestyle?

What's Your RVing Lifestyle? Because no two RVers are the same their view of the RV lifestyle is different too. That's a good thing... there's room for everyone. However, there are some basic categories most RVers fall into.

Some of the basic categories are vacation travel, weekend camping, snowbirding, full timing, and work camping.

Since these categories only describe different versions of the RV lifestyle there is lots of room for overlap. For example, a work camper may be a full timer. A vacation traveler may travel several months a year.

If you can place yourself and your family into one or more of these categories it will help you choose your first RV.

Choosing Your First RV

Choosing Your first RVToday's RVs are as varied as the RVers who purchase them and each type has evolved to fit the needs of a particular segment of the RV lifestyle.

It's not a matter of a towable is better than a motorized, or vice versa, rather, it's a matter of what type of RV will fit best with your RVing lifestyle.

Once you totally understand what you want from your first RV it will be much easier to decide. Still, the decision isn't always an easy one.

What makes the choice difficult for many first time RVers is that there is no right or wrong choice. There is no perfect RV. Every RV is a compromize. Each type of RV has features that are attractive to some RVers, and less attractive to others. Even RVs of the same type have different floor plans and options.

Trying to sort it all our can be overwhelming to the the new RVer. But, don't despair we're here to help.

RV Travel - It's About The Journey

Fifth Wheel Travel Trailer on the RoadFor many RVers the journey is as important a part of the RVing lifestyle as any destination.

Always wondering what's around the next corner or over the next hill, for them the lure of the road is unceasing.

If you feel the lure of the road an RV os a great way to travel. No other way of traveling cross country allows you to see firsthand all the scenic beauty and places of interest and still be 'home' each night.

RV Care & Maintenance

RV Care & MaintenanceBugs and bird droppings on your paint, grillwork and windshield? Saturate the area with spray cooking oil, let it sit for 10 minutes then wash the windshield as usual.To remove salt deposits from a painted metal RV exterior, wash with a solution of baking soda and warm water. For extra heavy stains, make a baking soda paste and rub on with a damp sponge. Rinse well.Wash your RV on a cloudy day or in the shade. Use warm but not hot water, as hot water can bleach paint.
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